At MJDS we are often asked:  “Is Montessori for every child?”

The honest answer is yes, Montessori is for every child, but it is not for every family. We understand that making a commitment
to this school takes a special kind of parent. It takes parents who have the best interest of their child in mind, who want their children
to become the kind of adults that make this world a better place.

Enjoy this 5 minute YouTube video on one parent’s perspective of the core contrast between Montessori and conventional schools:

We understand that parenting is not easy, and our administrators have all been and are Montessori parents, as are many of our teachers.

As an MJDS parent you can expect:

  • to receive monthly newsletters
  • to be informed of your child’s progress through report cards twice a year
  • to be invited to Parent Teacher interviews in December, and at any other time as necessary.
  • Parents of new 2.5-3 year olds will also have interviews in the fall, to discuss the adjustment of their children.
  • to receive a welcome call from your child’s teacher in the early fall
  • to observe in your child’s classroom
  • to attend Parent Partnership evenings several times a year. In the past topics have included: Language curriculum, Math curriculum, Discipline, Testing and Assessment, Protective Behaviours
  • to receive a subscription to Tomorrow’s Child, a magazine for Montessori families, courtesy of MJDS
  • to be invited  to many community events through the Parent Association, including Shabbat Dinner, Havdalah, Picnics and so forth
  • to include your parents, or a special friend to join your child during grandparents/special friend day
  • to attend performances relating to a different Jewish Holiday every year.
  • to have a voice on the board through the president of the Parent Association.